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Bringing Music Lovers Together -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Live and Breath Music

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hey [18 Nov 2004|08:10pm]
[ mood | splattered ]

hey, im new, so here's me

+Name+ Lisa
+Interests+ I'm 16, like music, duh, i like to take pictures, of anything, i love music, i'd die without it, and im an odd one, yup...

+Favorite Bands+ Eric Clapton, U2, Maroon 5, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Pink, Evanescence, Fefe Dobson, Linkin Park, Procol Harum, Hoobastank, Pink Floyd, there's more, i just suck at remembering anything...

+If you could meet someone from one of your favorite bands, who would it be? Either Mike Shinoda, Eric Clapton or Marvin Gaye

+What do you love most about the music you love and live for? It changes with me, it lets me breathe, and it takes me away

what lets me breath right nowCollapse )

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