August 22nd, 2004

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i enjoy music,alcohol,drugs,my friends,track
bands-eric clapton,lynard skynard, def leopard, tom petty + the heartbreakers,deep purple, journey, boston, the scorpions, bob marley, jimi hendrix, janis joplin, van halen, the doors, the police, the grateful dead, styx, queen, pat benatar, john meloncamp,38 special, ac/dc, aerosmith, bad company, black sabbath, fleetwood mac, foreigner, free, gnr, r.e.m.,kanas, led zeppelin,pink floyd, ozzy,steve miller band, ted nugent, the cars, the rolling stones, the who, thin lizzy, the cars, the stones, oasis +++
if i could meet anyone it would probably be eric clapton because he is my favorite and i think hes absolutely amazing
i love music mostly because whenever im in a bad mood or im having a bad day it always makes me happier and makes me feel better, if there wasn't music in the world it'd be horrible
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