August 9th, 2004

harrison man


Name: Adrienne

Interests: MUSIC, people, life, grooving, cruising, bellydancing, experience, jovial revelry, general merriment

Favorite Bands:
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
The Who
Simon and Garfunkel
The Cure
Black Sabbath
Cream/Eric Clapton
Van Halen
The Rolling Stones
Guns N Roses
The Doors
The Smashing Pumpkins
Jimi Hendrix Experience
Bob Dylan
and...I'm sure I'm forgetting some :(

If you could meet someone from one of your favorite bands, who would it be?: maybe...Pete Townshend

What do you love most about the music you love and live for?: The feelings it gives me, the times and places it takes me to, the beauty of it, the fun of it. It gives me something to relate to, and something to fall back on when things are shitty. Music will always be there to make me feel better, and it always does.
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(no subject)

+Name+ Well, my real name is Marcy, sometimes my name is Moon Child, and actually just today I got the nickname Venus AKA Aphro from my friend who is the one and only "La Rosa"

+Interests+ Instruments, Writing, Art, Photography, Music, Deep Conversation, Feeling, Emotion, Conversation in general, the mind, talent, devotion, love, togetherness, skateboarding, musicians, intelligence, expression etc. etc. etc. etc.

+Favorite Bands+
Led Zeppelin
Allman Brothers Band
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Doors
Grateful Dead
Belle and Sebastian
The Who
The Beatles
the Rolling Stones
Jimi Hendrix Experience
Guns 'n Roses
Black Sabbath
Pink Floyd
Sex Pistols
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Deep Purple
Suicide Machines
old Rancid
etc. etc. etc. etc. (can't make brain function right now to name more)

+If you could meet someone from one of your favorite bands, who would it be?+ This is a really tough question. I would love to meet Jimmy Page, but I think that anyone who really knows me would say Kurt Cobain because I have never and will never be inlove with anyone as much as I am with him. He was such a beautiful person who had such a brilliant mind and such amazing outlooks. His words are just too beautiful for me to even handle and it makes me cry sometimes just listening to him sing. My soul is forever with him.

+What do you love most about the music you love and live for?+ Well, my top favorite bands have a lot of talent, like Led Zeppelin and the Allman Brothers Band. But besides talent, I love the feeling that these bands put into what they do. I think it's so important for them to feel the music while they play it and I get that feeling mostly out of classic rock which is the majority of what I listen to. The more the artist feels it, the more it allows me to feel it. It makes their work beautiful.
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Second Post. From Me.

+Name+ Jane (The Moderator)
+Interests+ Starting a jam band with my friend, listening to old record players, cherishing moments.
+Favorite Bands+
The Allman Brothers
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin (+++)
The Doors
The Chemical Brothers
Bob Marley
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Simon and Garfunkel
+If you could meet someone from one of your favorite bands, who would it be?+ It would definitely have to be Thom Yorke. I would probably not be able to speak with him because I would pass out instantaneously or have a nervous breakdown, but I would love to meet him. He is my idol and always will be.

+What do you love most about the music you love and live for?+ I love the chills that I recieve, I love how music can change my mood so quickly, I love, I love.
jimmy page

Intros For Everyone!

I enjoy reading, running, hackey-sack, playing guitar, and of course, listening to music.
Favorite Bands
Led Zeppelin
The Beatles
GS Megaphone
Grateful Dead
The Black Crowes
Pink Floyd
Steve Miller Band
Audio Adrenaline
The Kry
Barenaked Ladies
Third Eye Blind
Iron Maiden
Blind Guardian
If you could meet someone from one of your favorite bands, who would it be?
Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin because he's the greatest guitarist ever!
What do you love most about the music you love and live for?
There's always a song for whatever mood you are feeling.
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(no subject)

I just thought of someone I forgot! Shinedown! Relatively new band but they are amazing. I had their album Leave A Whisper but it was the 2003 version and they rereleased it with "Simple Man" on it, the remake of Lynyrd Skynyrd's song. Plus it has an acoustic version on their song "45" on it. Anyway, the album just came in the mail today and it's so amazing. You guys need to hear it.
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(no subject)

.:Name:. Lindsay

.:Interests:. listening to music, playing the guitar, etc

.:Favorite Bands:.
-Allman Brothers
-Ben Folds Five
-Ben Harper
-Better Than Ezra
-Black Crowes
-Blink 182
-Bob Dylan
-Bob Marley
-Counting Crows
-Dave Matthews Band
-David Bowie
-The Doors
-The Eagles
-Elliot Smith
-Eric Clapton
-G. Love & Special Sauce
-Gov't Mule
-Grateful Dead
-Howie Day
-Jack Johnson
-Jane's Addiction
-Jethro Tull
-Jimi Hendrix
-Led Zeppelin
-Lynyrd Skynyrd
-Matt Nathanson
-Neil Young
-Nick Drake
-No Doubt
-Pearl Jam
-Pink Floyd
-Red Hot Chili Peppers
-Smashing Pumpkins
-Steve Miller Band
-Stone Temple Pilots
-String Cheese Incident
-Tom Petty
-Van Halen
-The Who

.......more but i figured that was enough :)

.:If you could meet someone from one of your favorite bands, who would it be?:.
Jim Morrison, I love how poetic his music is. When I listen to the Doors i feel like i really know him or something....

.:What do you love most about the music you love and live for?:. I love how, no matter what is going on in my life, music can put me in a good mood and help me forget my problems, even if it is only a temporary relief.

feel free to drop me a line sometime!!!
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The artists(in no particular order):

The Who
The Strokes
Scott Walker
Elvis Costello
The Secret Machines
The Hives
DC Talk
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Beatles
Pink Floyd
Mission of Burma
Gary Numan
Audio Adrenaline
Franz Ferdinand
The Pogues
Queens of the Stone Age
Foo Fighters
The Clash
Led Zeppelin
Thomas Dolby
Earth, Wind, and Fire
Miles Davis
Jeff Buckley
Sonic Youth
Peter Gabriel
Phil Collins
Whirlwind Heat
The Soledad Brothers
The White Stripes
Belle and Sebastian
Velvet Revolver
Professor Longhair
Third Day
Muddy Waters
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