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First, does anyone know of any bluesy songs with really long and pretty kick-ass harmonica solos? I heard one while at a restaurant yesterday and the harmonica was ripping it up, but I didn't know whom the song was by. It's definitely not Blues Traveler, but the harmonica is sort of John Popper-ish.
Second, I'm looking for some really guitar-heavy songs. Stuff like Zeppelin's Immigrant Song or some Soundgarden. Preferably has a solo.
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what's some of the best video game music that you've ever heard? Or any other versions that you particularly like.
Of course there's One Winged Angel (FFVII), and Group X's version of Super Mario, as well as that Japanese guitarist guy's.

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Going on a trip to Montreal tomorrow. 6 hours.
So, driving songs.

I have a few Pearl Jam, like MFC, Rearviewmirror, and In My Tree.
Any other suggestions?
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What are some of the craziest, most insanely amazing instrumental feats you have ever heard or seen in music. I'm talking modern virtuosic ventures.
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Hey, a question for some of you music theorists out there (and others who know).

I'm compiling a list of songs that are built around a certain chord progression.
"A list of songs all featuring the same chord progression?? You must be crazy!"

Well, okay. It's not the exact same chord progression, because it's in different keys. But the pattern is the same.
The chord progression in the key of C is C-G-Am-F. Some songs built around it...

Blink 182 - Dammit, and some others
The Beatles - Let It Be (verses)
Bush - Glycerine
Bush - Machinehead (the chorus...this one's in E flat)
Journey - Don't Stop Believing (key of E)
Dead Moon - It's Okay
The Police - So Lonely
Jars of Clay - The Valley Song (certain parts of it)
Fort Minor - Where'd You Go (key of A)

As you can see, artists of varying genres have all ripped off the same chord progression. It's catchy.
So does anyone know of any other songs built on this progression? Thanks.