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The Power of Prayer [entries|friends|calendar]
Just a Little Prayer

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[12 Jan 2007|11:37am]

[ mood | crappy ]

Hello, everyone. I searched for "prayer" in the interests box because I really feel like I could use one right now.

Yesterday afternoon, my dog that I've had for 9 years was put to sleep. He was old and suffering, and it's good that he's finally free from that pain, but I still can't stop crying. He was an important part of our family and it hurts me to see him gone.

My great-grandmother was just taken out of hospice, I suppose her liver functions were improving. However, she still can't live by herself. I've not seen her that many times but she always sends everyone in my family five dollars for their birthday, and I mean everyone. She's always thinking of others, and I know she thinks of me. I don't want her to go back to hospice.

I can't seem to find contentment in life anymore. It's almost like nothing ever changes, or something takes a turn for the worst. I'm afraid that I'll grow up and remain alone. I don't know what it is but guys seem to ignore me, and it doesn't seem like that will ever change. I had a small crush on a guy in my youth group, and, fully aware of this fact, my best friend started going out with him. This is the second time she has done this, knowing when I've had my heart set on somebody. I don't know what's wrong with me; I'm not as assertive as she is. But it just feels like I'm not good enough for anybody.

I broke down last night. I prayed. I laid on my floor and cried, singing "Here I Am to Worship." I couldn't stop. I got so little sleep that I stayed home from school today. My head still hurts from how many tears I shed last night.

God, when are you going to let something good happen to me? Will my whole life be one long loss and disappointment?

This is quite a way for me to introduce myself. I'm Lara, and I've gone to church all my life. Technically, I'm a Baptist. However, my life is not nearly as together as most people think it is. I hope that one day it'll be easier for me to share my emotions instead of playing the strong person for others who can't hold them in.

Thank you all for making this community. It really made my day to see that there's a group of people out there who absorb all this and care.

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An Update On Hannah Sobeski [09 Nov 2006|07:15pm]

A few weeks ago I asked for prayer for Saracoma patient Hannah Sobeski. Well, at 4:30 this afternoon Hannah Sobeski died. I ask for prayers for Hannah's family and friends.
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Please pray for a good recovery for Pauline Oct 30 -Nov 2 [28 Oct 2006|02:59am]


Please pray for, focus positive thoughts toward, or send healing energy to Pauline (Peter's grandmother) in Colorado Springs whenever you can Monday October 30 through Friday November 2 . 

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Update on Hannah [19 Oct 2006|06:44pm]

A few days ago I posted asking for prayer for cancer patient, Hannah Sobeski. Yesturday Hannah was placed in the hospital again for a fever of 103.7, a hemoglobin of 6, and low blood counts. Today her temperature was up and down but is now at a reasonable level. Please continue praying for her!
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Pray for Hannah. [17 Oct 2006|09:31pm]

Please pray for 17 year old Hannah Sobeski. Hannah was supposed to be a senior at Dorman Highschool in Spartanburg, South Carolina this year. March of this year Hannah was diagnosed with Sarcoma (a type of cancer). She had chemotherapy done at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. She returned home on September 12th. On October 14th Hannah was crowned Homecoming Queen of Dorman Highschool. Sadly though, on October 15th the results of a CT scan came back and Hannah's tumor has doubled in size. She basically has been sent home to die. But with prayer there is hope. God doesnt need Chemo to help Hannah. Please tell your friends and family to pray for Hannah and her family!

For more information on Hannah visit her caringbridge site at: http://www.caringbridge.org/cb/inputSiteName.do;jsessionid=A4E548E5872472BBC567D245BAA4F2D0

Thank You.
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[26 Jan 2006|06:31pm]

I want to add a prayer for my professor, Dean. He may be losing both of his parents this weekend... his mother had pneumonia and on top of that she fell down the stairs, and we found out today that his father had a massive heart attack.
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[20 Aug 2005|11:55pm]

Hey all,

Okay, I am sure some if not most of you know about World Youth Day going on. Well, I did not go, i have a fear of traveling, but 115 teens from my chruch went. I have had this horrible feeling something is going to go wrong. Like, when they left, i felt like I would never see them again. They left days ago now and nothign has happened but the feeling is still there. Could you all pray for them? Thank you.


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[10 Aug 2005|07:24pm]
please god,

please help me. please help me feel better.


i beg of you.
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[05 Jun 2005|11:27pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

dear god,
how could you do this to me. why do you always have to taunt me like this? first you give me a great older sister, then you unfairly take her away from me, now you give me a gift of a great boyfriend and you put college in my path.
you suck.

going through the old prayers that i have made, i thought i would update you with this one. things have worked out, i am with a much better person than i could imagine that i could ever end up with. in retrospect i always seem to realize the broader picture, the way things work out for the best, i really should stop getting in his way and just enjoy the ride, because my lord really is taking care of me.


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[19 Apr 2005|12:51am]

[ mood | nervous ]

please pray for me that i'm not pregnant.

i know that this is very selfish of me. but i dont want to make the desicion that will determine my life like this. i have enough stress deciding what i want to do with my life, without having to factor in if i'm going to abort a child or not. (if you are pro-life, please dont comment trying to "show me the light" i have been pro-choice for a long time and will continue to be pro-choice for even longer.)

so please, just say a prayer for me.


ps- i'm not asking for this prayer because i was stupid and didnt have my boyfriend wear a condom. he wore one, and i'm on the pill. however, it is the first month (because i ran out and had to start over) and im on anti-biotics right now for sinusitus. it was truely an accident.

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prayer request [12 Mar 2005|12:00pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Please pray for Billy to get his liver.
Thank you.

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New Comer [13 Jan 2005|04:09pm]

[ mood | Sad ]

Hello, all. I just joined the community. I hope that having others pray for me will help more. I lost a friend of mine a little over 2 weeks ago, and another friend's father was shot last wednesday. On top of all of this, my boyfriend is insisting on finding little things to argue about. I'm not grieving very well, and it just seems like everything is piling up. If I didn't have God to talk to, I don't know where I'd be. Life is just too short. Live it the best you can. =) Thank you for reading my whiny story. I hope this community will help me find a good place in my life, even just through reading other peoples' stories. Love and God bless.

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[01 Jan 2005|04:06pm]

I'm new here, I'm desperate for prayer so this has been cross posted a few places. I am asking for prayer for my friend Edward. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer which spread throughout his body. Although things looked bleak there was always a slight hope and chance that it could be treated. A few days ago his doctors told his family he probably had about a week to live and that there was no chance of survival.

I know that God has a plan, and that in his wisdom he knows what he is doing, and I know that Edward is a Christian so no matter what happens he is going to be in Gods hands. But I also believe that God does heal people, and I believe in the power of prayer, he has about 5 days left to live, I don't see the harm in praying for a miricle. God always answers prayers even if he has to say no.

Please can you pray for healing, as unlikely as it seems there is always a chance and God does have the power to make this go away. His name is Edward and he is 19 years old, him and his family are strong Christians and several churches are are praying for him also.

If you want to ask other people to pray, or link this in your journal or other communties it would be much appreciated.

Thank you
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[30 Dec 2004|04:24am]

Hi… My name is Laura and I’m here to do something I was given advise to do… Basically, ask for help… I am in a position as a new mother and as much as I love my daughter with every part of my heart, it’s obvious that it would have been better for her and I if I would have waited. Aside of my beautiful daughter, the father was obviously someone special enough to me for me to move in with him (in which the baby was conceived) back a couple years ago when I was lonely, depressed, and brainwashed that no one would ever love me – I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship with a very cruel guy. After living with my daughter’s father for sometime, I became pregnant. Although he was happy about becoming a father, he had and still has emotional/mental problems. Back then he was hanging out with “the wrong crowd” who were the kind of guys that are extremely manipulative instigators. By him hanging out with these people, it took a nasty turn one day and I was left home alone at the apartment (pregnant) and throwing up and crying all night and he never came home. He is not the kind of person to do that so I was so extremely terrified and upset. It turns out he was out with his friends taking so many pills, he didn’t even know who he was anymore, literally. It’s not like him at all to even do drugs in the first place. He ended up going to jail and my life was a mess not knowing what was going to happen. Since he was in jail and not going to work, we had no money to pay the apartment bills and I couldn’t have a job because I had such horrible morning sickness and I was anemic in my first trimester. To make an extremely long story short, we ended up getting evicted and now we owe the apartment $5,000 for ridiculous left and right charges covering every part of the eviction or else we have to go to court and get a lawsuit and what not…

I’ve always tried to be as independent as possible. Independent to the point I try so hard to make others happy and put myself last, and all I do is go and go and go using so much energy to do what’s right, I end up just breaking down from stress. Because I am the kind of person who tries so hard to be independent, I could never swallow my pride to ask for help from other people. I was talking to a friend the other day who gave me the advise to just swallow my pride for once and ask for help from people who seem to reach out to others.

I don’t know if I’m wasting my time and I do feel kind of dumb asking strangers for help but I decided to at least give it a try for what it’s worth. If there’s anyone out there who wouldn’t mind helping me in anyway – I don’t even know what specific type of help I’m asking for – please e-mail me at gtarpley88@yahoo.com.

Also, please do not feel bad in any way if you decide you are unable to help me out.

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Prayer for a Miracle [25 Nov 2004|12:45am]

[ mood | sad ]

Please pray for me as my husband and I. I believe are calling it quits for our marriage and I feel like I cant do or say anything right. There is just too much resentment, vengeful feelings, and emotional as well as verbal abuse that I have to endure. I don't know what else to do but leave and hope that will make him happier having such a bad person as myself there to make it unbearable. I have no job and have a car payment as well as other financial obligations to take care of so Im not sure how Im going to get through it all. Please pray that I get a source of income that will sustain myself and my bills so that I can make it on my own again. Please pray for my husband to find peace in his heart and mind, as I do not wish to hurt him. I do not think that he knows how to truly love someone so I hope that God will open his eyes even though it is just too late for us. I hurt deeply but I hope that I can find the strength to go on. I dont know what to pray for anymore and my faith is dwindling. My prayers go unanswered and things seem to get worse at a semi rapid rate. Please help me. I need a miracle now. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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[06 Nov 2004|11:19am]

You think time passes. you're not sure why. You just do. But when someone robs the joy from your heart by crushing it when then will time pass?
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[12 Oct 2004|06:10pm]


October 12, 1998

Six years ago today, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

Click here to post this on your own page or weblog
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[12 Sep 2004|11:24am]

As a chritian, i have faced so many trials and hardships. as a teenager, i face even more! Now put them together and my life seems to be getting harder! Im feeling alone. Like i'll never find anyone to love! I've been hurt so bad in the past it seems like my heart just won't let me! And at times, i can't! I said good-bnye to someoen who's broken ALL my rules! So, what do i do now?
Please pray for me! My heart seems to be broken and unable to work anymore!

"God can fix people with broken hearts, but he has to have ALL the pieces."
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prayer request [20 Aug 2004|10:25am]

hi everyone!
i'm new.
i have a huge prayer request. my brother, michael, has cancer. it's around his heart and in his bone marrow. i ask all of you to please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. he needs as much strength as we can give him. he's going through a lot right now. we all are, actually. i pray that it is in the Lords will to cure him. i ask that you all will join me. thank you so much.. God bless.
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[14 Aug 2004|11:31pm]


This world needs a lot of prayer, indeed.

Sorry to dissappoint you.

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