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The Tragic Era Of Lithium

The Strange and Beautiful
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Welcome to Lithiera, The Tragic Era of Lithium.
This community combines eloquence, pain, self expression, and euphoria all into one to form a beautiful oblivion. This is where artists or people who just have beautiful, expressive souls can post their pictures, thoughts, and art work. This was made solely as a rating community, but now there is an option on whether you'd like to be rated or not upon joining, please read the rules below. We welcome people from all walks of life, and there is absolutely no age limit, diversity is the key. Membership is now moderated due to trolls and watchers, but all mods are very active and will accept your membership as soon as possible.
We admire beauty in any size, shape, or form, as well as intelligence and all aspects of art.

Joining Basics

Applying/Getting Voted On:

Applying/Not Getting Voted on:

Accepted Member Basics



The Application - For all new members who wish to be voted on. *Read the rules above if you haven't already.

* Please take your time, and be honest! Honesty is beautiful and remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If there are any questions you come across that do not interest you at all, or that you don't want to answer, just place "N/A" instead of the answer. You may use this twice during the survey.

Chinese/Zodiac Sign:
Do you believe in chinese/zodiac signs?
Hair/Eye Color:
Where you live now:
Where you were born:
Where you want to live:
Some of your hobbies:
What does your username mean?

Describe Your personal style. (The way you dress/How others perceive you/or just be creative):
Do you have any body modifications?
Favorite genres/sub genres of music:
Favorite Bands/Musicians:
How would you describe the people you socialize with?
Are you a loner? Leader? Follower?
Things you are obsessed with (Fetishes):
What are some things you find beautiful?
What are some things you find ugly?

Do you have any disorders/special conditions?
If so and you don't mind sharing, what are they?
How do these affect you?
What is your biggest fear?
Do you have vivid dreams?
If you remember any, and would like to share, what are some interesting ones you've had?
Would you consider yourself a deep thinker?
Do you believe in heaven and hell?:
Do you believe in ghosts and the paranormal?:
Do you believe eyes are the windows to the soul?

What are your educational/carrer plans for now, and the future?
Are you interested or currently involved with anything of artistic value? (Photography, writing of any form, drawing, sketching, any kind of digital art)
If so, please post samples.
Do you play any type of musical instruments?
If you could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing?:

Our Curiosity
Where did you find this community?
What is the first thing that comes to mind about this community?
Please provide us with a picture of yourself that you would like us to use for the accepted members page. Size doesn't matter, the MODS will resize it.
Also if you like to you can provide us with your screen name, e-mail address, any websites that you own, etc to be placed under your user name in the accepted members page.

Pictures - Post atleast 3 good pictures of yourself.

* If you'd like, tell us anything interesting about yourself that was left out of the application

*Promote us to one person you find fitting for the community


Please do not use rich text, or edit any of the coding it's set up so all you have to do is copy and paste everything into the entry.

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