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Hello there.
My name is Rikki Lee, [shebleedsacid]
I was a mod of this community with evadne [ladyghost316] years ago
It looks as though we both disappeared for a while.

I remember this community being quite an amazing one,
and I'm willing to try to get it active again.

I'm not going to for each of you to promote the community,
we have plenty of great members as it is right now.

Anyone willing to try to get this community going with me again?


Demon of lethargy
what is the color of the words
you try to make so clear
through pale nonexistent lips
of nicotine stained teeth
guarded by wrinkles
that tell a story of faith

You vise-grip your chalice
tight like your arthritic fingers
that wrap around my neck
drink your false truths
and clasp tighter
paranoia is your weapon
and your source of life

Love leaves no prisoners
like the quicksand
that surges through my veins
and infiltrates my heart
you are a part of me
and I am a part of you
whether we like it or not

Poison forces itself
everyday into my lungs
expanding before compressing
in a monotonous rape
until the sun bleeds
driving me into madness
where the snow engulfs me

You're always there
to take me under your wing
cool leather embraces me
entombing me within
your bosom of infinite darkness
you've smothered me
But you've always kept me warm

Clutch your southern cross
tightly against your chest
we both know that
good things don't last long
this world is a stepping stone
and I will meet you in the wind
If only you believe in me

2008 Evadne

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what i miss most
is simply being in love
waiting for the end of the night
so you have an excuse
to kiss.

holding hands at night
watching each others movements
as to not miss
a single detail.
giving backrubs
and smiling at each others
laying there in each others arms
whispering to each other
under the covers
in the dark.

...and i want to wake up with the rain
falling on a tin roof
while i'm safe there in your arms...