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Hi There

Finally, a place where I can discuss the Pern books and not be accused of being a geek by my friends by joing an official Pern community. Not that there's anything wrong with being a geek or anything and I guess my friends shouldn't talk since many of them are crazy about Harry Potter or anime but ... Hi, I'm Kerri, and I'm a Class A Designated Bookworm, closet fantasy and sci-fi nut, lover of most things literary, and tortured Ap English student. I swear to God we read the crappiest stuff in that class. I love Pern, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, The Dark is Rising, the Brainship books (also by Anne McCaffrey), and pretty much everything by Madeleine L'engle, L.M. Montgomery, and various authors of the stereotypical teen girl romance book. I read A Good Man is Hard to Find and The Yellow Wallpaper in my eighth-grade English class and love them. I also love talking books so let's get the discussion rolling shall we?
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