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i just wrote this in my journal, but i wanted to share it here as well...

so i've had a few songs by Adem for quite a while now. i had the hardest time finding the rest of his songs, so i had to live with the few i had. i just found his 2 albums for sale on amazon, and i bought them!
i now have 'Love And Other Planets.' ('Homesongs' is on its way!)
i love this album. i've been sick this week and have had it playing while i try to get rest throughout the day.

i keep thinking of this album as 'comfortable.' it seems a strange way to describe an album, but it's the word that keeps popping into my head.
thinking about it more this afternoon, it feels like an album i've had for years and just recently came upon again. like i'm just remembering how great an album it was and why hadn't i been listening to it lately?... even though these songs are all new to me.
strange isn't it?

here's my profile if anyone's interested :)
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