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article about the 4 non-blondes

from metro news - canada

MIA: 4 Non Blondes

4 Non Blondes members from left) Dawn Richardson, Linda Perry, Roger Rocha and Christa Hillhouse.

Name: 4 Non Blondes

Members: Linda Perry (vocals), Roger Rocha (guitar, replacing founding guitar player Shaunna Hall), Christa Hillhouse (bass), Dawn Richardson (drums, replacing founding drummer Wanda Day). Formed in San Francisco 1989. Split in 1995.

Claims to fame: One-hit wonder from 1992-93: the Perry-penned What’s Up?, off of ’92’s Bigger, Better, Faster, More!

Where are they now? Differences in creative direction for a followup to Bigger, Better, Faster, More! led to Perry leaving 4 Non Blondes in 1995, and inevitably a group splitup not long after. Following the breakup, Rocha went on to play guitar for San Francisco outfit El Destroyo. Hillhouse furthered her work as a small-business web designer, programmer and graphic artist, as well as keeping up her bass chops with, among others, original Blondes guitarist Hall. Richardson has also toured and/or recorded with The Loud Family, The Martinis, one-time Tonight Show percussionist/vocalist Vicki Randle and Lillix, plus work in composing for film and video and writing drums-instruction books. Day, hurt in a 1992 accident that crushed her legs and broke her back, reportedly died of an overdose in 1997. Perry, however, remains in the limelight not so much for her solo efforts but more for her co-writing and co-producing a who’s-who list of music biz heavyweights in Pink, Christina Aguilera, Jewel, Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, Robbie Williams, Melissa Etheridge, Juliette Lewis And The Licks, Lisa Marie Presley, Kelly Osbourne, Vanessa Carlton and Enrique Iglesias.

ian nathanson/metro toronto


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    They say that Pink lived in Linda's house for a month. They were making love and writing songs together ;) Is it true?

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    i am in desperate need of an mp3 of the garden. i will love you forever if you send it to me via e-mail. consider this me begging!!!!

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