This is called a working title.

Like a FOX.

Like a FOX.
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'Sup, foos.
This is a rating community for awesome people.

This is m. [stealthlikeafox], your mod. She rocks, and her word is law.

And this is Lin-z [rockin_baby], your other mod. You wouldn't dare talk back to her, cause you know she's so much hotter than you.

Here's your application, bitchfuck.
So fill it out.

1! Your name/gangsta name.
2! Age.
3! Sex.
4! Favorite bands/artists.
5! Favorite movies.
6! Favorite Actors.
7! 10 interests.
8! Your plot to take over the world.
9! Make me laugh.
10! Fun link.
11! One interesting fact about yourself.
12! And three pictures of you being awesome.

dooooo it.

Bush. bushman2874
Twiddy. _twiddy_
Maximoose. hemanofthenorth
Man-dog. bass_is_sexy
B-rizzle. queenofstate