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Lucky Me. I Joined Mirandas Community first! *sticks tounge out* Onto The "First Post" Requirement Questions...
1! Your name/gangsta name. _Kyle/Bush (not polically based)_
2! Age. _15_
3! Sex. _Male (people wonder..)_
4! Favorite bands/artists. _Too Many To Count. Im Serious._
5! Favorite movies. _Mostly Mel Brooks Films._
6! Favorite Actors. _Sean Connery! Hes Not 007 For Nothing, Y'know._
7! 10 interests. _Women X 10?_
8! Your plot to take over the world. _I Wont Speak Of It Here, But I'll Tell You It Involves KY Jelly And A Polka-Dotted Turtle._
9! Make me laugh. _Havent I Already?_
10! Promote & show me a link to prove it. _Maybe Its Just Me, But Makes Me Laugh My Ass Off._
11! Gimme a 200x200 pic. for da user page. _I Dont Really Know How To Post A Pic In An Entry, But Ill Tell You It Involves A Shifty Eyed Milkshake._
12! And three pictures of you being awesome. _Guess What? Im SO AWESOME, I Dont Have Any Pics Of Myself. Cool, Huh?_

Thar Ya Have It. And Remember Kids, JOIN OR DIE!!!
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