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The butterfly affect is an awsome fucking movie, if you haven't seen it, rent it. but nobody reads these other then lindsy anyway so i dont kno who im talkin to. i got a hair cut recently and i didn't like it at first, i still prefer my long hair, but im ok with my hair cut now. its gettin colored sometime soon, i dont even kno wut color, i dont relly care anymore. hey, lindsy, if u read this one, thank you and miranda for sayin hi at the party. im not used to being popular. its relly wierd, i can't insult myself or guilt other people into shit now, and people actualy want to date me now, which is normaly a good thing, but now my life is getting all dramatic. i used to want that, i used to want my life to be dramatic just like the movies, i thought it looked exciting, and then ther was the happy ending that makes up for it all. then i got a taste of real drama. it fucking sucks by the way, not exactly exciting, and normaly ther is no happy at the end. i want to be a loser again, but i dont want to lose my friends. damn im fucking screwed. i shouldn't complain though, cause ther are people who have it way worse then me, (everyone) and i seriously feel sorry for you. anyway, im missing the butterfly affect. later
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