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1! Your name/gangsta name. Brittany/ B-Rizzle

2! Age. 16

3! Sex. Female

4! Favorite bands/artists. led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Marcy Playground, Danny Elfman, and others.

5! Favorite movies. The Nightmare Before Christmas.

6! Favorite Actors. Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder, Rider, Ryder.

7! 10 interests. Photography, guitar, candy, singing, writing songs, writing poems, writing, taking naps, computer, the psychological capacity of people.

8! Your plot to take over the world. tell every one" Alright everyone, the world is now mine, so... suck it up."

9! Make me laugh. One time I tripped on an escalator. I fell down the stairs for about an hour and a half.- some comedian.

10! Promote & show me a link to prove it. prove what?

11! One interesting fact about yourself. I only have one painted fingernail.

12! Gimme a 200x200 pic. for da user page. of what?

13! And three pictures of you being awesome. But I am too awesome for pictures to show.
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