Lin-z (rockin_baby) wrote in _likeafox,

Wait a second. Do I have to fill out an application even if I'm already a member/mod? Well. I'm bored. So I'll do it anyways.

1! Lindsey/Lin-z.
2! 13 1/2. Though I lie about it a lot.
3! Wouldn't you like to know.
4! Damien Rice, Le Tigre, John Mayer, Ashlee Simpson, Jack Johnson, Steve Miller Band, Jason Mraz, REO Speedwagon, The Strokes (most recently). And Miranda's turned me back on to AC/DC.
5! Goodfellas, 10 Things I Hate About You, Bowling For Columbine, Election, Mean Girls, a lot more that I can't think of.
6! Reese Witherspoon, Lindsay Lohan, Uma Thurman, etc.
7! Dancing, watching movies, cooking, excercising, flirting, snuggling, running, volleyball, clothes. Yes, i'm a girl, I said clothes.
8! Miranda and I go pick up 7 of our friends (only 7 so get in on it now) and then we go to Six Flags. I've always wanted to go there. Anyways, then after all the fun we hijack a jet and go to China where we convince the government that we travelers from the future in search of um...I obviously haven't thought this through. I'll update you later.
9! Hmm...Sophistatony?
10! give me a break, she's hot.
11! I'm an obsessive over-thinker.
12! I've shot someone before with a BB gun. Don't worry, it was just my brother.
13! We need to take more pictures.
More hot pictures.
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