Loren Minerich (bass_is_sexy) wrote in _likeafox,
Loren Minerich

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1! Loren/Man-dog
2! 14
3! undecided
4! blink 182, jimi hendrix, im lazy and dont feel like typing the rest.
5! Office Space, Waynes World 1, Waynes world 2, The Godfather, Austin Powers (all of them), American Pie (all 3, but 2 is the best)
6! Adam Sandles, Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, blah
7! Girls, porn, food, music, school *laugh*, video games, girls, girls, girls, girls
8! im going to breed squirrels and keep them in my squirrelarium untill i have enough to unleash on the world, everyone would be blinded by their cuteness and id kill everybody, mwahahahaha!!!!!!!!
9! Mailbox
10! Blink 182; www.blink182.com, www.blink-182.org
11! i am going to go out with Chris next year
12! blah
13! dont have any pics of me
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