you beat me to the gun (like___woah_x) wrote in _like_woah,
you beat me to the gun

I was randomly searching through my interests, and I stumbled upon this community. And I almost died.

My screen name is like___woah_x. And I totally got excited. Because I'm a moron.

Okay, anyways, my name is Zoe and I live in Frederick, Maryland.

AIM: My Sweet Cyanide

IM me/email me/add me if you wish.


  • "I'm keeping time..."

    It kind of sucks that our community died. Like woah. Funny how things happen like that. I think it needs a comeback. plz?

  • (no subject)

    Please join us if you have any interest in meeting new Live Journal friends who love horror films!

  • (no subject)

    does anyone know how to make a friends only sign? comment my journal

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