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What a day.. [06 Jul 2004|02:01pm]
Ehh! Well..today was like woah..ehh..it's raining and im stuck in this house again..which sucks..and yesterday my dad stood us up again. I mean he always does this..oh well. I hope he doesnt today, if he does im gonna explode.

-Freak Out-

Like Woah [06 Jul 2004|07:11pm]
[ mood | high ]

I'm still high. Woah. LoL.

"There's no mouth in my cotton"--Icy...lol i mean Ivy.

She's funny. She's cool. Her ice ran away committed suicide and jumped in the whole. Like Woah.


This guy...that dood..like yelled.

I remembeer something. ::burp::

I laughed so hard at that no mouth in my cotton stuff that i turned and i forgot what i was laughing at..and it sucked cuz i only remember certain things.

Like Woah.


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