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[30 Jun 2004|06:37am]
well here i am, bored out of my mind with no one to talk to and the whore next to me is being non-talkative. so who in this community is a total freak? cuz i know i am...lol...ttyl...bye:)

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[30 Jun 2004|09:23am]


-Freak Out-

The Used-The Taste Of Ink [30 Jun 2004|06:00pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

Is it worth it can you even hear me
Standing with your spotlight on me
Not enough to feed the hungry
I'm tired and I felt it for awhile now
In this sea of lonely
The taste of ink is getting old
It's four o' clock in the fucking morning
Each day gets more and more like the last day
Still I can see it coming
While I'm standing in the river drowning
This could be my chance to break out
This could be my chance to say goodbye
At last it's finally over
Couldn't take this town much longer
Being half dead wasn't what I planned to be
Now I'm ready to be free

So here I am it's in my hands
And I'll savor every moment of this
So here I am alive at last
And I'll savor every moment of this

And won't you think I'm pretty
When I'm standing top the bright lit city
And I'll take your hand and pick you up
And keep you there to so you can see
As long as you're alive and care
I promise I will take you there
And we'll drink and dance the night away

As long as you're alive
Here I am
I promise I will take you there

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Well since I can post ANYTHING... [30 Jun 2004|08:10pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

here's a draft of something I wrote.

"Fine Powder"

She stares blankely at the wall.
No emotion.
She's hypnotized by her own remose.
The occasional flinch
and slice of her wrist.
Could care less about
the blood dripping from her vains.
Same goes for the tears,
stealthily streaming down her face.
She's dead in her own regretting way.
Sold her body and virginity to the devil.
Tragedy surrounds her now,
for her heart was not exactly broken...
but rather chopped into a fine powder.

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bored [30 Jun 2004|08:58pm]
posting pictures of me Read more...Collapse )

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