June 8th, 2004


ok people i have a huge delima...i'm throwing a party (for my own birthday, yeah how sad) and the place i was plannin on renting out to party in has a policy that the place has to be emptied of people by 10:00 PM...not gonna work!
I need ideas of where to do this. Thrus night the 24th of this month, i have like between 30-50 people invited and no where to have it. Thought of hotel but don't wanna put that mess under my name, thought of a private night at SKATELAND..hehe fun but have to have AT LEASET 30 and it's 12 bucks a pop! so i dunno thought of the desert, I NEED A FRIEND WITH A HOUSE, i have only one and they have parties there often, i just dont want to ask, "please feel sorry for me cuz i'm throwing my own birthday party"
so....any help is greatly appriciated

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Hey ppl, I'm new here, but i loooove randomness and know the maintainers so WOAH!I'm obsessed with Mike Myers and my favorite band is AEROSMITH O YEAH! OK message me-
LUvS holly
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