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-Freak Out-

HAHA, like woah! [02 Jun 2004|11:40am]
[ mood | amused ]

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Your Hottest Body Part is Your Butt!

From the back you're mistaken for J-Lo.

You are a rump-shaking dynamo on the dance floor.

Thongs were invented just for you.

You're able to please your man sexually in all sorts of ways - especially through your back door.

You put the ass in ASSett.

Baby, you got back, and you're proud of it.

Celebs who work their ass as hard as you do include: Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, and of course, J-Lo.

Want to play up your ass even more?

Try low rise jeans and vinyl pants, schoolgirl skirts, and form fitting shorts.

And of course, g-strings and thongs only - no squishing that fine ass with panty lines.

What's Your Hottest Body Part??

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-Freak Out-

[02 Jun 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Your Inner Eye Color Is Blue

You've got the personality of a blue eyed women

You're intense and expressive - and always on the go

You've also got a sweet, playful side - which draws men in

What's Your Inner Eye Color? Take This Quiz :-)

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-Freak Out-

[02 Jun 2004|09:19pm]
Join me, join me..


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