May 27th, 2004

I'm Starting to Fly

Starting To Fly
by Grey Daze

Album : Wake Me

I know the answers from the words of
The prophet
I've seen the light through the fingers
Made of magic
I've seen an image of the future,
It's a vision and I know who you are

Go away can't you see you're not real
Open your eye some place far away
I've seen the ocean and I've seen the sky
I've got my wings and I'm starting to fly

I met a poet tonight behind the masses
I sang a song about my many true
I saw myself in a hole, down below
And I know who you are

I'm alright though it's hard to feel
Open your eye some place far away
I've seen the ocean and I've seen the sky
I've got my wings and I'm starting to fly

Open your eyes
Look to the sky
Grab your wings
And start to fly

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Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:Your own bare hands
Your Favorite Target:Men
Your Kill Count:534,140,930
Your Battle Cry:"Yo mama!"
Years You Spend in Jail:14
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$222,559,613,216,602
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 71%
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Well, I haven't posted here in a LONG ass time! I thought I'd post something I wrote. Not that any of you actually give a shit about my shitty writing, but yeah. It's something to post right? Well tell me what you think. Thanks! :D Peace.

Frail figures grasp and hold on tight to the anguish produced from their hearts.
Like shadows, they dance within the senescent mist.
Craving the bit of content they will never claim.
Embracing agony so merrily within their eyes.
Pillars of immortality wither within their past.
Shattered dreams and broken days loom within their presence.
Shattered sediments shield their never-ending grief.
Lost within their own zone of purgatory.
Eternally searching for the path that is to lead to their destiny.
Beams of darkness smother the entering to their hearts.
Tear painted appearances fill their last hours.
Lose the last touch forever, as broken melodies sing within their smiles.
Lonely shards of humanity roaming throughout the forest, lost within they’re death.
Anguish forms a blanket over their tears, forming the screams from within.
Their souls remain empty, as they linger throughout the past time,
Putting forth effort to erase it.
Mournful evenings hover over their last thoughts.
Pinned down upon the abyss, as their inside is beat until it bleeds.
Shame creeps upon their inside, as weakness dies.
Gasping for the bit of life they never received.
Searching for the last words that never escaped their mouth.
Forget about their existence within the brisk nothingness,
But Listen to their sorrow, which composes the heartbreaking ballad.
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