April 18th, 2004

I can feel you breathing ...

Hello once again. How is everyone? I am good. Don' mind me if I sound blah ..

For once in my life, I am actually happy with someone. I am going out with this girl Mel that I have actually liked for awhile. I love every second that I am with her. She is so beautiful and so .. . ANd she understands me and we are so much alike. I'd do anything for her as long as she is happy . I'll never hurt her.

It's random but I really felt like saying that .. Heh ..


My best friend is in New Hampshire and I miss her but she is coming back tomorrow! =D
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Don't mind the last entry. She broke up with me and now my life is ruined .. not really. I just hope we can one day try it again. I love her so much .. =(

</3 muStuRd
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    Mel ... her beautiful voice