April 12th, 2004


I saw that Ivy was one of the maintainers here so I checked it out. Pretty wicked comm. if ya ask me. Hmm...about me. My name is Jamie, I live in the hole in the wall that is Michigan. I play guitar. I write pretty much any type of writing there is. I mostly listen to rock music. I'll leave you with a lil' story I guess.

I hadn't heard from this guy I used to date in like 6 months. He even kinda in a round about way asked me to marry him, then he left me. A week ago he started talking to me again out of the blue. Thats a little too much WOAH for muah.

PS-Kick ass community Ivy!
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hey kids,
i'm having some odd thoughts at the moment....i think i might be bi, that might not be true, but i was thinking cuz my friend cammy is bi and i was thinking i mean even if i have kissed girls and i am attracted to some i'm not bi, i mean i could never imagine making out with a girl, well then i thought, guess what, i could imagine that.....yeah, oddness.....can't really figure myself out.....
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