April 9th, 2004

Look at the face, the shape of the skull...

The traits of the necrophilous character include:

- an inability to relate to living people
- language that includes numerous death-related or scatological words
- a tendency toward boredom and lifeless conversation
- a tendency to wear light-absorbing dark colors and to dislike bright colors
- the belief that resolving conflict involves force or violence
- an appreciation for machines over people
- dreams involving death, destruction or dead parts
- an interest in sickness
- a view that the past is more real than the present
- a fascination with bad odors
- an incapacity to laugh and tendency to smirk
- a lack of spontaneity
- lifeless, dry skin
- the worship of techniques or devices of destruction
- the compartmentalization of emotion and will
- insensitivity to tragedy involving loss of life

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