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-Freak Out-

[03 Apr 2004|12:10pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

heh Im new here....ravish me


Pale blue eyes quickly change to black in your presence, but you dont seem to notice. Its not like you ever look in them anyway. Watch closely as the blood pours,being used results in unjustified actions.


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"don't ever let life pass you by.." [03 Apr 2004|02:12pm]
[ mood | like woah ]

Yes. Other moderator here. hybrid320. Bow down to my insanely woah-ness 0=) Keep behaving yourself, or else Alicia might have to break a nail and we wouldn't wan't THAT happening, would we?! I didn't think so! Haha.


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[03 Apr 2004|05:57pm]

randomnessCollapse )

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[03 Apr 2004|07:33pm]
Hey I saw this in the AAR community so I joined! lol

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[03 Apr 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | good ]

hey, just joined, just want to meet some cool kids, okay, see ya

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[03 Apr 2004|09:34pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Woah lol Heaps mega insanely cool...finally a community that HOPEFULLY will not reject me because of the music I listen to :P

Damn those "Cool" people :P

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