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So. I go to work every day from 9-5. I work @ MSU and live in Holt. HOWEVER I dont have a car. So I spend to hours on a bus each way to work. This job is great and I dont wanna quit, but Im getting paid for 40 hours and with travel time Im spending 60 hours on it.
Decidedly, I need a car.
NOW. I dont have really anything saved up... And it will be a while before I can get like $1000 in cash to spend, so its tough finding a car to buy. But if I had one I could get another job and save up. Its a vicious cycle.
What I was wondering is-

Does anyone have a really cheap car (thats reliable) that they would wanna sell me, or would wanna let me make payments to them on a car? Youd get ABOUT 100-150+ dollars a week, and could charge me interest and all that jazz.

I am just in DESPERATE need of a motor vehicle. SOON.

ps. You can comment here, or if youd rather, email me:
OR hit me up on AIM acaciaxoxo
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