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Hello and welcome to _lifehouse!

This is a community for fans of the band Lifehouse to come and discuss any related issues.

You're more then welcome to post pictures, lyrics, stories [for all the fanficcers], and anything else you can think of as long as it's appropriate. For stories, if it's not appropriate, put it behind an lj-cut tag with a warning.

That's pretty much it in the way of rules. Have fun and thanks for joining!

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Basic Lifehouse Facts

NAME: Jason Michael Wade
BDAY: July 5, 1980
FROM: Camarillo, California (USA)
ROLE: vocals, guitar, songwriter
• He is married to his wife Braeden.
• His parents were missionaries.
• He lived all over the world during his childhood.
• He was homeschooled with his older sister Jamie.

NAME Sergio Miguel Andrade
BDAY October 17, 1977
FROM: Guatemala City, Guatemala
ROLE bass
• He is originally from Mexico but moved to the USA when he was 14.
• His father was a "music minister".
• He was studying to become a veterinarian before changing careers.
• Everyone calls him Serge.

NAME Rick Robert Woolstenhulme
BDAY September 20, 1979
FROM: Gilbert, Arizona (USA)
ROLE drums
• He attended the Los Angeles Music Academy to play percussion.
• He is Sean's brother.
• He did not drum on Lifehouse's first cd No Name Face. He joined the band
after the album was recorded, but he is featured in the CD insert.

NAME Sean Mikel Woolstenhulme
BDAY March 1, 1981
FROM: Gilbert, Arizona (USA)
ROLE guitar
• He is a former member of The Calling.
• He attended the Los Angeles Music Academy to play guitar.
• He is Rick's brother.
• He did not play guitar on either of Lifehouse's CDs. He joined the band after each album was recorded & released.

Many thanks to http://spinning.revolutioncry.org for the above information.