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Huge favour needed for a RENT fan

I know this is a massive favour, but I would be over the moon if someone could help me out. My girlfriend's signed Rent book (like this one) was lost by a mail carrier during a move earlier this year. She loved that book, read it all the time, and has been crushed since it was lost.

Here's what I'm asking for: If someone is going to see Rent sometime soon, could they please pick up a book at the performance (or beforehand, I don't know exactly where they're sold) and get it signed by as many cast members as possible, then mail it to the address I will give in a PM.

If someone could do this for me, and for her, we would be eternally in your debt. In addition to masses of good will and thanks, I am willing to compensate 50 USD if there's someone who's willing to help me out :)

Please get in touch ASAP if you think you might be able to. Thanks!
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Hello ALL

I am a new memeber of this community. I went to see rent in MIAMI when it came down last Sat. OMG it was fantastic. The show was better than i could have ever guessed.


I am new to this community and I just wanted to say hello! I have been obsessed with Rent ever since I saw the movie with my friends last year. It has been Rent mania with us since the moment we stepped out of the theater. Well that is all I have to say for now! TTFN
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umm its been ages... over i year i think, since ive posted on this thing... depressing since i created it.. well i live faaar away from where i used to... down in good ol' "mumphus" TN!

kaisha ill give you your cds when im out there next month

uh yeah i have the DVD and put it on my ipod and watched it on the plane trip to and from san francisco with my school. haha totally love it

on a final note remember: someone spiked the rain with a little extra juice (first post to correctly state the person who was/is in the broadway cast of RENT who said that!

Rockies - Serenity

Anthony Rapp in Lawrence, KS

I finally got around to uploading the pictures of Anthony that I took last month when he came to The University of Kansas. They're posted on my website, Blue Lightning. Here are a few samples. The ones at the site are hi-res and HUGE -- these are just the thumbnails.

There are a lot more at the site... go forth!! *grins*
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I stumbled across this little community, and almost died, I was so excited, I'm a total RENT head! So, hi, and, I was reading the user info, and it said that the musical centered around Roger and Mimi's story, and I just wondering, how do you figure that? I would have said it that if it did center around one story, it would be Marks, and aside from that I don't find that it really does center around one story, it's just the stories of the people closest to Mark. What do you think?
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RENT the movie opens 11.11.2005 Is anyone else going to be in the provo area on that date I'd like to get together a group of rent-heads and go but sadly the only other major rent fans i know are nathan (who will be moving before that date) and Ari whom I am having a diffacult time contacting.
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