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black and white lies


a quiet lie never hurt anyone
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'I love you.'
'I am moving to Belize and so therefore cannot attend a second date with you.'
'I am completely trustworthy.'

These are just some examples of potential porkers that we as citizens of the world face from day to day: they may be true, they may not. Not only are these undercurrents of falsification around us in the outside world, they are also all around us on the internet too- how could anyone ever know if you decided to modify a piece of information about yourself here on Livejournal? Well, they couldn't, that's how. Not without a private investigator and a hefty snooping budget.

The purpose of _liejournal is to provide a safe haven from all of the doubt of life and social interaction: here you can rest assured that everything, everything, is a complete farce of misinformation. Sometimes we all feel the primordial urge to lie; here it is encouraged. Go ahead, tell us that you love us! Tell us that you are a basically decent person with a lot to offer the world! Tell us that you're happy!

We'll believe you.