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Lie to Me

Buffy Season Two RPG Game

Lie To Me
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Lie To Me

The Story:

It has been several months since Angel lost his soul and regained his sense of whimsey. He has spent much time tormenting and torturing Buffy and the rest of the scoobies. Kendra came to town to help, her watcher having sent her due to another dark power rising. She was not in town long when The fanged four kidnapped and tortured her finally killing her.

Buffy has taken the loss of Kendra hard and is on a mission to kill Angelus, yet she just can't bring herself to do it. Everytime she looks into the eyes of Angelus she sees a glimmer of hope that one day Angel will return and love her again.

Oz and Willow have gotten close and she has been with him on every full moon to care for him while he is in wolf form. His wolf has become protective of Willow and has saved her once.

Cordelia and Xander are getting closer.

Jenny has gotten closer to the scoobies having redeemed herself and is now working with Willow to reinsoul Angel while getting closer to Giles.

Faith and Wesley have just arrived in town, with the death of Kendra, Faith was called and the council felt that it would be best for the two to reside in sunnydale. Unsure of what is to come.

The rest is up to you and your imagination.

Rating: This game can go anywhere from G to NC17. It's up to you. If at anytime the game goes to NC-17 please get with the person that you are playing with. In some cases the person isn't comfortable with it and you'll need to work something out. You must be 18 to join.
--Example: Torturing and sex, violence - whatever.
Just make sure you get with the person that you are playing with. That is of great importance.

Requirements: You must post at least one time a week. A main post. If you are having real life issues or you wish to not play anymore, just email me. It's all good.

Out of Character Community: You can also go to the OOC, lietome_ooc to post plot ideas or to get the attention of another player.

Plots: I am so laid back, you can make your own plots as long as it flows. You'll be able to know if it does. Just make sure you get with the other players for your plot ideas cause it would suck to make a post and no one responds.

Also: Do not play other peoples characters. That is a big no no. People will not be happy when you do this. Do not kill off another player without their permission. If you do plan to kill someone off, please let me know. That's all I ask.

And: Have fun. If you're not comfortable with something, then you're not going to have fun. This goes back to: Get together with the other player. Either over AOL, MSN, Yahoo - whatever.

Couples: It is okay to have unconventional couples. - heh. You can't help who you like, right? Right.

Other Characters: Original Characters are fine. Other characters that are in the Buffyverse are fine as well, as long as there is an explaination for them being here. Like if you wanted to bring in Gunn, there has to be a reason, not just that he pops up somewhere.


1) Respect all involved including the mod. We are all adults and need to act as such.
2) Post all plot ideas in the OOC lietome_ooc
3) do not talk for other characters unless you talk to their players first
4) you must keep up with each post and thread before posting.
5) you must post once a week as an actual post. Comments only count as posts when they are longer then 3 paragraphs. I understand Life happens if you keep me up to date or post in the ooc with a valid reason then by all means I will let you slide. You can always email me at ljbuffyrpgs@ljbuffyrpgs.com
6) Posts must be atleast 3 paragraphs long and this is not one sentence paragraphs either. Also everyone can post more than once a week, which I am all for, as long as you have something to say.
7) All major plot ideas must be run past me as a mod and agreed upon by majority of the comm. A major plot idea is when it involves more than 3 characters.
8) Spell check is your friend.
9) You must Comment within 24 hours of the last comment or you run the risk of being passed. If you need more time then contact me. We can't have threads lasting weeks at a time.
10) last but not least have fun

Contact: You can either email me at buffyangelrpgs@ljbuffyrpgs.com or post in the OOC @ lietome_ooc.

Mod: eternally_ozs

The Players:

Scooby Gang

Buffy -- 9lives_slayer
Willow -- eternally_ozs
Xander -- seerxander
Cordelia -- cordiechase
Giles -- frisky_watcher
Oz -- wolfedman

Other Slayers

Faith -- pending

Fanged Four

Angelus -- championbrooder
Spike -- peroxidedpest
Drusilla -- darkprincessdru
Darla -- roguedarla

Other players & Originals

Jenny Calender -- pending
Joyce Summers -- slaymomjoyce (available for comments only)
Amy -- open
Harmony -- open
Jonathan -- open
Wesley -- wesleywpryce
Mayor Wilkins -- open

If you have any questions email me at buffyangelrpgs@ljbuffyrpgs.com