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[01 Aug 2005|03:53pm]




hey guys [23 Jul 2005|09:41pm]

hey guys....
sorry i kinda bailed on this community...
i've been gone for the whole summer to europe, and just got back.

i missed my day to go to walk thru, so i'm going on monday, i heard you have to wait a while in line for the counselor. which really sucks.

school starts monday after this, and i am so not looking foward to start. it seems as though the summer just started. i hope that this year will be fantastic. senior year for us 06'-ers!

I hope to see you all the first day of school.
Hope you guys have a great rest of the summer and enjoy it as much as possible in the 107 degree weather (or at least where i am right now antioch...)

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Trip To Mexico Pictures [08 Apr 2005|07:33pm]


hey ya'll how are you guys doing?

this community is so quiet.. most people I know have moved onto myspace, LIKE MYSELF. lol.


anyways, some of you are aware that there was a trip to mexico with the interact club to build a house (an add on this year) for the less fortunate in pedegral, mexico..

it was last weekend, SUPER FUN, and the pictures can be seen on my page. so check em out.


you all should join the Interact Club next year and go on the trip, MUCHO FUN.


<33 Sarah

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Mr. Liberty [07 Apr 2005|10:57am]

[ mood | tired ]

Mr. Liberty is tomorrow night at 7:00 in the PAC.

You should all go!

Support these contestants:
Jared Ames
Brandon Bautista
Nick Boccignone
Kyle Conley
Brett Everhart
Mark Ferrando
Anton Filatov
Brad Hopkins
Mike McCarthy
Chase Pereira
Nick Santucci
Price Troche
Raenar Yap

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Dead--blech [26 Mar 2005|09:33pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Awww, this is so sad! This community, along with many others (including what I'm guessing will soon be pacrats), has died! Well, that's acceptable / believable, considering none of the people that I live by (in Brentwood) are as obsessed with LJ as me. They've moved onto MySpace. Oh well.

I like LHS, though. I don't miss it at all, considering we go back on Tuesday, but what the heck, the school's not THAT bad.

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[27 Feb 2005|05:28pm]
Anyone notice the school website got a new look?
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just wondering cause i'm that bored [14 Feb 2005|08:51pm]

so who here has a myspace
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liberty's blood drive [11 Feb 2005|03:09pm]


blood drive, yay for pics, hahaCollapse )

hi guys, soccer pics anyone? [11 Feb 2005|02:30pm]

boys, gosh you gotta love them.

alright, so keep in mind that this game was DV vs. LIBERTy , old school vs. new school.

i'm going to post jv, varsity, and then certain ppl that wanted pics.

more pics click hereCollapse )
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[08 Feb 2005|05:02pm]
I thought I'd post this pick...Just cause.

It was in the Brentwood Press.

That's Angelo Dejesus on top, just incase any of you wanted to know.
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girls soccer and wresteling pics!! [29 Jan 2005|02:57pm]

[ mood | cold ]

yeah, i know their not much. but i had to leave before the game started for soccer.. and i forget the reason for wresteling..

grr i have a head ache... still...


liberty v.s. freedomCollapse )

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gatsby part, snap shots - part 1 [29 Jan 2005|02:22pm]

[ mood | head ache ]

I finally was able to make a stupid photobucket account after like 8 tries. lol. here are some pics from Rod's AP English Gatsby Party.. <33 Sarah G



smileCollapse )

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ok quiz [25 Jan 2005|10:55pm]
list ur fav teachers and worst i predict i know who will win
my vote iz 4

best msrod fun times
worst mrs c 2much work

4x4 Schedule [13 Jan 2005|06:26pm]

Since I don't want just_imagine_it to feel like she's the ONLY one posting in this community, I'll throw one in.

You freshmen, sophomores, & juniors know that assembly we had today? What are your thoughts about the new 4x4 block schedule we're going to have next year? I'm kind of undecided. I can't figure out if it's good or bad. The 6-course a year thing we have THIS year is good, but maybe 8 classes that switch off will be good too, I dunno.

Any thoughts?
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Pictures [10 Jan 2005|07:08pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

I've decided I want to bring my camera to school all week to take pictures of everyone on campus, so if you see me:

don't be afraid to smile, k?

I've got a little project brouing in my head, and it's just waiting to come alive.

and I think I'll do random teacher shots, espically ms.rod =D

so make sure to


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I need some favors please [25 Nov 2004|12:27pm]

OK, as some of you may or may not know, I am the editor-in-chief of the school paper, and yes, we HAVE A SCHOOL PAPER. I was wondering if any of you knew the following:

How did...
a) the golf team
b) the water polo teams (boys+girls)
c) the girls vollyball team
d) the football team
e) the girls tennis team

...do this season?

And if you could get me stats, like how they ranked this season, 5-0 wins.. etc. and if they went to NCS or not and how they ranked....

I was suppose to get info on this, but I never did, so I am counting on the student body! lol

Thank you so much, please help me out on this one, I would really appreciate it.
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NCS VOLLYBALL GAME [25 Nov 2004|10:03am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Taking pictures of the game vollyball is very difficult. That ball is so small, and blends so well, and is sooo fast, you can never get a picture with the ball in/near someone's hands. But I did managage to get some pictures of the players in action. And Just to let you know, I only stayed for the 1st quarter, I didn't feel good. And i heard we won!! Congrats!


Vollyball PicturesCollapse )

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Happy Birthday Mrs.Stillwell [24 Nov 2004|06:43pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Tuesday had to had been the best day ever; Mrs.Stillwell's Birthday Celebration. It was amazing to see what our class put together for her, and no wonder her freshman are jelous.

The Birthday GirlCollapse )
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Showcase of The Arts - Part 2 [24 Nov 2004|10:41am]

[ mood | happy ]


Part 2 of Show Case Of The ArtsCollapse )

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[23 Nov 2004|05:23pm]



Ok, I am going to make this quick and fast. No captions, sorry <3 Photos by, Me of course, AKA Sarah Ghannadan

For More Awesome Pictures!!Collapse )

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