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Guys, we're officially 4-H camp alumni! How exciting. Fill out the form on the website and be an alumni! =P Go to the website and check it out. It's all re-done and has a ton more pictures on the camper page. How nice =]

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Counselors to not expect back this coming Summer, so far:


This list is not official, so don't call me out on it if I'm wrong in any respects, because I warned you in advance about it's lack of officiality.


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So I bought tea tree oil cleansing pads from The Body Shop today. I used one, and I swear to the Gods, it smelled just like the infirmary. So if for some (sick, twisted...) reason you ever find yourself missing Charlotte, go to The Body Shop and buy some tea tree oil cleansing pads.


Green Grow The Rushes, Ho.

The other day I stumbled upon this band called Great Big Sea. Great Big Sea is a folk band, and their most recent cd is covers of Finnish folk songs. I was listening to samples of the stuff off their most recent cd on amazon.com (<3) and flipped out when I heard a part of the song "Come and I Will Sing You." So I looked up the lyrics, and found I was right in my assumptions - it's a variation of our Green Grow The Rushes. I had known Green Grow was an old folk song predating Christianity but never that it was actually recorded, or at least a version of it was. Apparently that's not the only one out there, either. Just the first one I've heard. Anyway, just thought you guys would find that interesting.

Love ♥,
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im making a scrap book just for camp.. so of course im gonna harass you all for pictures, lexy in particular- maybe you could make a cd for the next time i see you of all the ones you have, as big as you have.

and it wont be much of a surprise but im making a digital scrapbook for all of us for christmakah.

Jump on it.

Dear session five kids,

Some freshman was most definetely singing "Jump On It" - Sir Mix-A-Lot today as I was walking by. I cracked up then got really sad, because I had reached my locker where I have a picture of the CIT IIS taped up - the only picture in my locker.

Love you all.
Your Mod,
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