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Troll Battle Stats

Okay, the threads are like hexa long... sooo here we go.

James Potter: Empty Classroom w/ Lily
Sirius Black: Tight Closet w/ Alice
Remus Lupin: ???
Peter Pettigrew: ???
Lily Evans: Empty Classroom w/ James
Alice Wreedlot: Tight Closet w/ Sirius

Severus Snape: Hospital Wing? (broken arm)
Lucius Malfoy: Bleachers w/ Reggie & Cissy
Narcissa Black: Bleachers w/ Reggie & Lucius
Antonin Dolohov: Surveying Damage, w/ Meda
Regulus Black: Bleachers (knocked out) w/ Cissy & Lucius
Bellatrix Black: Halls?
Mundungus Fletcher: Searching for James to heal Snape

Andromeda Black: Surveying Damage, w/ Meda

Lord Voldemort: Laughing
Albus Dumbledore: ???
Peeves: ???
Nearly Headless Nick: ???

Potions - Professor Horance Slughorn: ???
Defense Against the Dark Arts - Marius Quincy Clough: ???
Arithmancy - Abîme Delâme: Ravenclaw Common

leave comments to update or correct me. This will make life easier... especially for such a huge story arc.