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Dark Potions

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Characters: Snape and Lily
Setting: Slug and Jiggers Apothecary, Diagon Alley
BACKDATED at least a few weeks from now, so like early summer just after they graduated...yeah.

WARNING: There's a few DH things that we can EASILY incorporate for both of these characters without it affecting the _levi world much at all. HOWEVER. There may be spoilers in here. You have been warned. Pink fluffy kittens will bite your ankles if you read ahead and are upset with me/Monica afterward. :P

FINISHED! :o In one night and everything.

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Who:Gilderoy Lockhart & Whoever
Where: Outside the grounds, near the Forbidden Forest
Why:Lockhart lost his FAVORITE cloak and some youngin' said they saw it near the forest.
When: Night time

Instead of letting me know earlier in the day when I was weeping and yelling at other Hufflepuffs, the blasted youngin' tells me he saw my cloak near the Forbidden Forest nearly ten minutes ago.Walking with my eyes on the trees and the mystical grey smoke at their bases, I kept hearing creaks and spuds from around me. "Hello" I asked fearfully...