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08 February 2009 @ 12:11 pm
Characters: Dorcas Meadowes, Bellatrix Lestrange, and THE DARK LORD (dun dun dun)
Setting: Dorcas and Kingsley's new flat

Walk away from the door, walk away from my lifeCollapse )
16 January 2009 @ 03:33 pm
Characters: Kingsley and Dorcas
Setting: Their brand new, not reeking of death, flat in suburban London

give me something to believeCollapse )
Setting: Hogwarts castle, on the way out of class; possibly to roam around
Characters: Gid and anyone who wants to jump his bones join in

Why is it called the 'Ketchup Song?'Collapse )
feeling: cheerfulcheerful
Setting: Corridors
Characters: Dylan, Dorcas and...people.

so I'll drink until I see it.Collapse )
02 August 2008 @ 05:46 pm
Characters: Kingsley and Dorcas
Setting: Kingsley's flat, after the news of Benjy's death has first broken

very important businessCollapse )
18 July 2008 @ 01:55 pm
Character: Dylan and Dorcas
Setting: Hogwarts, on a rainy afternoon

Moving in day!Collapse )
Characters: Dorcas and Kingsley
Setting: Their wee little flat, supper time

No happy ending here.Collapse )
21 April 2008 @ 09:03 pm
(( One last hurrah? Dunno, this will probably be his last thread before the end, guys. Tear. (Unless someone else wants to do something specific?) ))

Characters: Regulus, OPEN
Setting: Diagon Alley

Read more...Collapse )
feeling: apatheticapathetic
18 March 2008 @ 08:11 pm
Characters: Rookwood and Kingsley
Setting: That restaurant what kinglsey's mum owns

feeling: righteous
15 February 2008 @ 08:35 am
Characters: Everyone! Anyone! It's a massive random interaction thread!
Setting: Diagon Alley, right outside Gid and Dorcas' school for special people

With a capital T and that rhymes with G as in Gee, we're screwed!Collapse )
31 January 2008 @ 06:07 pm
Characters: Fabian, Dorcas, and POTENTIAL VILLAINS
Setting: Diagon/Knockturn Alley

Patrolling = Good timesCollapse )
12 January 2008 @ 02:28 pm
Setting: Diagon Alley, the Leaky Couldron, and then elsewhere, perhaps.
Characters: Amycus Carrow and ANYONE

09 December 2007 @ 04:46 pm
Characters: Kingsley and Dorcas
Setting: Their flat

I'll nurse you well!Collapse )
06 November 2007 @ 12:00 pm
Characters: Kingsley and Dorcas (while Em is at work, I'm assuming...)
Setting: Their flat

You promised me a talkCollapse )
05 October 2007 @ 08:19 am
Characters: Death Eaters/ Order members/ Aurors/ Ministry peeps/ Civilians/ Olivanders
Settings: Diagon Alley, in front of Olivanders. Thursday night.

Bonfire tonightCollapse )
03 September 2007 @ 04:58 pm
Characters: Dorcas and Kingsley (keepin' it real)
Setting: Their flat!

Oh yeeeah, there's a warning on this.

If we got married, could we walk down the aisle in drag?Collapse )
16 August 2007 @ 09:29 pm
Characters: Diggs, Acacia, Dorcas, and Kingsley (Diggs and Dorcas first, then the others)
Setting: Acacia and Amos' flat

dinner!Collapse )
Characters: Dorcas and...RANDOM! Oh, and a puppy.
Setting: Diagon Alley

Random interaction!Collapse )
Characters: Kingsley and Dorcas
Setting: Their flat, late Sunday afternoon

warning for stuffs.
The one day where the depression goes away.Collapse )
23 March 2007 @ 06:03 pm
Characters: Kingsley and Dorcas (right after the Emmeline miscarriage fiasco thread)
Setting: The Shacklebolt/Meadowes flat

everything sucksCollapse )
21 March 2007 @ 05:30 pm
Setting: Outside the Great hall/ Teachers lounge
Characters: Em/Dorcas, (Healer? Benjy later? I dunno)

SOMEONE JUMP IN! (adult figure please, or Benjy or well yeah, read it and you'll see) Not the happiest of threads.

My baby DOESN'T take the morning train---BECAUSE IT'S LOST! AWHHHH!Collapse )
Current Location: Great Hall
feeling: anxiousanxious
24 February 2007 @ 03:23 pm
Characters: Benjy and Dorcas and some natives
Setting: the jungle somewhere

part one: the night before
part two: the morning after

this story has everything! thrills, spills, chills, and romance?Collapse )
03 February 2007 @ 02:52 pm
characters: Kingsley! And Dorcas!
setting: LONDON and then SURPRISE

warning. inappropriate use of raspberries.

I love you, I promise I do!Collapse )
17 December 2006 @ 01:30 pm
setting: empty classroom
allowed: Meadowes and Fletch...but I wouldn't necessarily say no to a visitor

Hot for teacherCollapse )
feeling: amusedgiddy as a schoolboy
hearing: Another Brick In the Wall pt. 2-Pink Floyd
05 December 2006 @ 02:47 pm
Setting: Frank and Kingsley's flat (backdated to last Sunday, oh yes.)
Characters: Dorcas and Kingsley

sex. yep.

Stars!... Can't do it... Not today.Collapse )
hearing: Sweet Caroline -Neil Diamond
01 December 2006 @ 09:45 pm
Characters: Cutti, Dorcas, Kingsley
Setting: Dorcas' office by the charms classroom.

AH! MY OVARIES!Collapse )
26 November 2006 @ 12:23 am
Characters: Dorcas & Em.
Setting: Dorcas' room

Why did Jeff Buckley have to die? WHY GOD WHY!?Collapse )
feeling: chipperchipper
hearing: Jeff Buckley
16 November 2006 @ 10:21 pm
Setting: Dorcas' room in Hogwars...near the Charms corridor? I dunno.
Characters: Benjy and Dorcas (and someone else if they'd like to interrupt later, I guess)

We are far less than we knew, but we knew what we could takeCollapse )
13 November 2006 @ 04:51 pm
Setting: Corridor
Characters: Delame...anyone. Whatever you like. NO BELLATRIX, unless she WANTS to be killed.

Warning. He's Emo.

Sometimes it's faded, disintegrated, for fear of growing oldCollapse )
feeling: crazycrazy
hearing: This Picture - Placebo