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The Test. *evil laugh*

(((Ok here's how it works. I haven't actually written a test as I don't have time and don't really know that much about Arithmancy. Sooooo instead if everyone who is taking the test can post at least once, just so I can get an idea on what grade to give you, you know, moan about how hard it is, or say it's a walk in the park, that sort of thing. Obviously if you are planning on cheating then it's up to you to do it. I will post results whenever the majority of people have commented. Will probably put up another post for them. I will post the seating order in my journal so you know who you're sitting near.)))

Setting: The Arithmancy Classroom, Thursday (Oct.6th) 10:00ish.
Allowed: anyone on the arithmancy list. Mr Black and Mr Malfoy can join in as confirmation of them taking arithmancy.
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