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Nothing's more fun than when The Marauders get drunk

Setting: Gryffindor Boys Dorms, Wednesday evening, before Padfoot and Prongs leave.
Characters: The Marauders. ALL OF THEM! Hooray!

Okay! I'm putting this up now, reply whenever and we'll establish some order after. Hoooray Marauders! I am v. excited.

Tonight was the night! It had taken me the better portion of an hour to dig through my trunk and disentangle half a dozen or so bottles of firewhisky from my mess of clothes, quills, and other junk that I always kept in there. I placed the bottles in a circle in the middle of the dorm, which I designated the Drinking Area. After that was set I pulled out a few bottles of something I bought during the summer at James' house called Tequila from under my bed. Worms in the bottle and all. I placed them neatly in the middle of the firewhisky circle and arranged it nice-like. I smiled and flopped down on my bed, grinning from ear to ear.

This is definitely going to be fun.
Tags: james potter, peter pettigrew, remus lupin, sirius black, the marauders
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