Verita Moretti (true_italian) wrote in _levicorpus,
Verita Moretti

Setting: Library
Characters: Anyone + Verita

I was leaving tomorrow afternoon and I wanted to get to the library to finish as much work as possible. Noone liked to do school work over the holidays.

I was fooling myself. Needing to get away from the common room bustle, I used the library as an excuse. I hadn't been in the best mood lately. Amos was rarely around and I couldn't help but think that we didn't really have much of a relationship. It could, of course be partly my fault but I had told him that I wasn't clingy... I wouldn't go back on my word now.

The words on the page in front of me had no meaning as I glanced over them, my mind elsewhere. It wasn't until I heard a chair scrape across the room, did I look up and notice that I wasn't alone.
Tags: hahaha oc!, ted tonks, verita moretti

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