Headmaster Dumbledore (knittingmugwump) wrote in _levicorpus,
Headmaster Dumbledore


Setting: Faculty Room
Allowed: Staff. MANDATORY!

I was lost in thought, sitting at a chair in the Staff room. Two students were brawling under my roof, and no one stopped them. And now another student had been stabbed. In the infirmary. Where was Poppy for that? Where were all the teachers? I wish I had the time to be around more. Tom's threat was growing heavier and heavier on my mind...

Slowly I watched the faculty drift into the room. They quieted as they saw my somber expressions.

"Warlocks and witches, we need to talk," I said calmly. "There are people constantly getting hurt in my school. What are we going to do to rectify this?"
Tags: headmistress mcgonagall, professor abime delame, professor horace slughorn, professor livia agostini/delame, teachers

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