Cadence! (rhythmicpoetry) wrote in _levicorpus,

random hijinks.

Characters: Cadence and (hopefully) Dylan
Setting: Hogsmeade...

The little cottage was a bit oppressive lately. I didn't go anywhere. I stayed there with Jackie and Allycat, and yes, it was wonderful and peaceful and homely and swell, I was getting restless. I had convinced Thundereagle to take us all to the city a few times, though you could tell he always hated the crowds and the heat of all those cars and people. He never really wanted to leave his lush gardens, and I couldn't really blame him. I knew he had gotten what he wanted; a lovely family and a successful and amazing garden. He didn't need much of anything else.

Thundie and my boys had all gone to stay with their granddad. They had invited me to go, but I told them I needed a day to myself. Mummy was tired. Mummy needed a little bit of a break from her lovely boys. I was lonely when they left though, and started drinking to relax and try and enjoy the brief moment to myself. I had stayed up sitting in the kitchen reading a book, and it was all too soon before I found the second bottle of the day, turning into night, completely empty. Normally I would have gone to bed, but I was alone. I needed a walk, needed some air, needed the company of somebody, anybody.

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, taking that handful of floo powder and tossing it into the fireplace. I stepped in and mumbled a name, hoping the fire would take me to a pub. It did, though it wasn't one I really recognised. It didn't matter though, as I had enough powder to take me back and really, I'd be fine on my own. I wasn't helpless. I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink, nodding to the witch beside me who wanted to show me moving pictures of her children.

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