Cadence! (rhythmicpoetry) wrote in _levicorpus,

black metal washing

Characters: Dylan and Cadence
Setting: The cottage

I still woke up in the middle of the night to waddle to the kitchen for a glass of milk and a cool cloth for my head. Only I didn't really need any of those things, or even to waddle anymore. The baby had been born a couple weeks ago, but I still woke up feeling bloated and sore and like I swallowed a melon. It was strange, having another baby in the house. It kept me busy though, especially as Jack was fascinated by that little newborn sleeping in the cradle in our room. He liked to sneak off when I wasn't looking to prod the little boy in his face. Didn't help that Allen was born with a squashed nose and big, red ears; that boy was asking to be poked in the face.

I had the house to myself. Well. Between me and my newborn. Jackie was off having a day with his dad and granddad, which was fine by me as the house hadn't been really cleaned in months. We were both too busy to care, but now with two kids in the house I couldn't ignore the mountains of dirty clothes waiting for me in our hampers. Allen was sleeping peacefully in his little chair, so I brought him outside while I hung the wet clothes on the line. I started humming Don't Burn the Witch while I worked.

Tags: cadence, professor dylan mchafferty

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