Cadence! (rhythmicpoetry) wrote in _levicorpus,

Like St George and St Margaret

Characters: Dylan, Cadence, Jack, and Daione
Setting: The cabin in the middle of nowhere, France


My son squealed as I chased him around the house. He needed to put on trousers, dammit, we had company coming over. The boy was going through his naked stage. First it was walking, then it was running, then it was taking all his clothes off in the middle of the shop while mummy had her arms full of groceries. At least he was adorable enough that I didn't get permanently banned from shopping there, just laughed at and given lots of individual advice from all the old ladies buying fruit.

It was harder and harder to catch him now that I was as big as a house. He learned to duck underneath the tables and hide in the cupboards, and I wished that I could do magic so that I could just wave a wand and stick those clothes on to the boy. I finally got him and wrestled him into those little denim jeans of his, putting him into his playroom for now so I could sit down and finish my cup of coffee before Dylan and Daione arrived.

Tags: cadence, professor dylan mchafferty
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