toodamn_good (toodamn_good) wrote in _levicorpus,

A brief encounter of the third kind...

Characters: Augustus Rookwood and Holly Davis (Sorry Nott...)
Setting: Auror's offices and then a very nice coffee shop, apparently.

So, here I was. Waiting at my desk, surrounded my piles of paper, mainly about that imperused crowd of ministry employees. Waiting for someone I hardly knew, to go to somewhere I didn't know. It seemed reckless, it was reckless. But I was bored, I needed some company apart from my desk lamp and he had been oh so charming.

I carried on sifting through the piles, a pencil stuck behind my ear and a big glass of water on the desk to keep the migraine at bay. God knows, I wasn't doing anything remotely active or stressful in my job, but the long hours did take it out of you. I took a big sip of water and sighed back into my comfy chair. I was a little too distracted to go through this.
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