DORCAS (greenmeadowes) wrote in _levicorpus,

Goodnight, goodnight

Characters: Dorcas Meadowes, Bellatrix Lestrange, and THE DARK LORD (dun dun dun)
Setting: Dorcas and Kingsley's new flat

It had been a bit of an odd weekend. For one, Kingsley had forgotten his own birthday. Too busy working, but that was nothing new. I made sure we had a proper birthday celebration for him yesterday and that was enough to make up for the fact that he had worked through his own holiday. Today though, today I was enjoying my Sunday. Kingsley was out, of course. Doing some damn thing or another for the Ministry, but that was alright. Tonight he'd come back home, we'd have dinner, maybe get naked, and then I'd shower and pack to go back to the castle.

I put on some beaten up jeans and a shirt with holes in it and went to mop the kitchen floor. The Muggle way, because that's how Kingsley liked it. I started on the dishes and thought that maybe next I'd unpack more of my stuff...and when I said unpack, I meant rearrange the stuff that Kingsley had already unpacked for me. Today was such an easy-going day.

Tags: bellatrix black-lestrange, dorcas meadowes

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