Headmaster Dumbledore (knittingmugwump) wrote in _levicorpus,
Headmaster Dumbledore

my old man elbow bumps

Characters: Caius Nott and Dumbledore
Setting: St. Mungos, the Pathology department

I was more reassured of this visit when I learned that Alastor would be in the hospital while I met with the young man who had written me those letters. I had been anxious about the meeting. If this was indeed a trap then I would be left helpless, but I had decided it was a risk worth taking. Had he decided to meet in a neutral area then I wouldn't have met with him at all, but I felt St. Mungos was large and public enough for such a venture.

Sitting in the small waiting room, I picked up a knitting magazine for the Modern Sassy Witch and began to flick through the pages while I waited for my appointment.

Tags: caius nott, headmaster dumbledore
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