Rita Elizabeth Skeeter (scandalqueen) wrote in _levicorpus,
Rita Elizabeth Skeeter

Setting: A very fancy meeting room in London.
Characters/Allowed: Rita and Gilderoy!

I was all ready to head to this meeting/excuse to drink I had been invited to, however, I didn't actually have a date! I was not going to show up to an occasion I was sure George and his slag wife would be attending without a date, it would simply be embarrassing. And here was where Gilderoy came in, I quickly blackmailed him into coming with me, even sorting out our clothes so we didn't clash. We would look so good together!

I had bought a new, figure-hugging red dress, just for the occasion, letting my hair out and keeping it curled, I figured that it would look rather lovely, all down and whatnot. While I waited for Gilderoy to show up, I poured myself a small bit of sherry, getting comfortable in my good pumps. He'd better show up, or I'd have his head.
Tags: gilderoy lockhart, rita skeeter
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