Dylan McHafferty (no_timewasters) wrote in _levicorpus,
Dylan McHafferty


Setting: Cadence's house
Character: Dylan, Cadence.

I hope I was right in assuming she was in. I didn't really care if she was or not, I'd sit and wait on her doorstep. As soon as I'd been let out of the hospital wing, I headed off to see her. I was fairly sure I was fine. I was fairly sure I was absolutely damn fine, and had no reason to shoot myself. I was still vaguely hysterical over the whole thing, and this was possibly why I got the sudden urge to drag myself off to France. I bounded off, apparating over there and knocking on her door rather urgently. She'd helped me out for all this time, I had to do the right thing and tell her. I could also just do with someone to talk to.
Tags: cadence, professor dylan mchafferty
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