Dylan McHafferty (no_timewasters) wrote in _levicorpus,
Dylan McHafferty

is this the beginning of the end?

Setting: Library
Characters : Dylan and someone likely...seriously, I need someone to be there.

So. I had to return these library books, then I'd go quit. Because I really had to do that before I could even attempt...anything else. How this was all going to work, I wasn't sure, but I didn't want to leave anyone with any trouble to deal with. Even if that just included returning library books. I ambled down to the library, books sticking out here and there, as I hadn't got enough room in my arms, so I crammed a couple into the odd pocket and shuffled off precariously to the library with them. I spent a while dumping them all on the front desk, "Sorry there's so many, I kept forgetting to bring them back."

I pushed them towards Pince, but the voice which came back sounded different. Familiar. Male. With an accent. "'Bout bloody time." I looked up and blinked, although I was still looking at a wall of books. There was also a rising column of smoke. Like...someone was smoking. What? I watched as they moved the books out of the way, who the hell was this? They sounded...very familiar.
Tags: professor dylan mchafferty
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