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Trying to fill the void with interactions before the day comes

Setting: Hogwarts castle, on the way out of class; possibly to roam around
Characters: Gid and anyone who wants to jump his bones join in

Quite unusually, my classroom's been noisy today. I thought, since it was my birthday, I should ease up on my students and prepared a game instead of a lesson today. Well, it's an educational game, still pertaining the lesson I would've taught. But they didn't need to know that.

"One minute left." I smirked as two of my students stared down a problem on the board. The class behind them shouted cheers and jeers at them to hurry up. I had split today's class into two groups and gave them a series of definition questions to solve as a group. Then the ones who contributed the most correct answers will have to answer the final question on the board to reveal just how much house points they would get in the end.

A loud buzzing sound echoed in the room and everyone let out a collective groan. The two students, Ms. Chamberlain and Mr. Cohen, did not get an answer out. I jumped off my desk and patted each one on the shoulder. "That's alright, you two. Take your seats." As they slumped away, I waved my wand and underlined the problem on the board. "I thought the two of you had the answer there for a second, since you didn't even bother writing equations on the board."

"Why do you say that, Professor?"

"Well, that's because you cannot solve for the answer with the given data." I chuckled a little when the class gave muttered their discontent. Ms. Chamberlain, however raised her hand. "Yes?"

"Is it because of the distribution, sir? Even if it is a bell curve, the empirical rule won't be able to apply to this distribution because the data given isn't a whole integer away from the mean?"

I smiled and nodded. "And that is the answer I was looking for." I moved to write something on the board but another bell sound echoed in the classroom. "Very well, 5 points to each team for now. I want you all to study the properties of Standard Normal Distribution and then think of the two possible theories you can use to solve this problem. The first one to give me the right answer by Thursday gets five extra points."

They all murmured excitedly as they filed out the door. I pulled my attache out to fix my things when I noticed Ms. Chamberlain waiting by the door.

"I, uh, just wanted to say thank you for the exciting class, Professor Prewett."

"You're welcome. I'm glad that you all seemed to enjoy it. I'll be sure to think up more fun things like that for the next time." I closed my bag shut and smiled down at her as we both left.

"Uh, also, professor, I wanted to say," She stopped a few steps behind me and started turning red. I wondered for a second if she was alright before she looked up and blurted out something really fast before running away. "Ihopeyouhaveagoodbirthdaysirgoodbye."

I stood firmly in place for a while, slightly shocked by what transpired before chuckling and turning on my heel. "I guess the students know too. Oh well, that was nice of her." I muttered to myself before continuing down the stairs. "Now where to? No class for another two hours. Maybe I can grab a slice of cake from the kitchens...."
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